What is being talked on the backstage of Beijing while China’s 19th Party Congress is getting closer ? 

Posted on October 13, 2017, 9:38 pm
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China Communist Party’s 19th National Congress will start in Beijing in October 18. It is estimated that the congress will last for a week. In this period what was done in the last five years will be disgusted, there will be changes made about the executive staff and national policies will be decided.

The most important topic which congress needs to be carful about is Xi Jinping’s position inside CCP. Last year, Xi Jinping which was raised to be the main leader, had his authority increased inside the party. While Xi was one of the equals of Hu Jintao, who was the main leader before Xi. He was raised  to a higher position int the Politburo Central Committee which allowed him to have the power to approve and veto.Due to this Xi Jingping who now has a same title as Mao Zedong and Deng Xiaoping, he will play a much more greater role compared to his predecessor Hu. Moreover, it will be clear wether or not his ideologies which will effect the constitution of the party have his name. In case such a privilege which only Mao and Deng had is given to Xi, the Chinese leader’s authority on his party and on his people’s view will be solidified.

Xi’s very much dedication when it comes to shaping his parties staffs, by some analysts’s comments suggest that CCP’s second period and age limit conventions will not be cared about by Xi. Xi which is working to change China’s foreign policy which is closed and unable to solve the problems with a more active policy, caused a lot of essential changes in the parties and in the military due to corruption allegations, with the use of different policies on the direction of the economy to slide it to technology and innovation, the possibility of him not being satisfied by 10 years will be more clear with the result of 19th Party Congress. Although China’s constitution has two time serve rule for the president, there is no rule about the party head secretary and the real power is hold by the head secretary.

The chance of Xi Jinping wanting to stay and serve more then two terms forms an unknown situation for China. This possibility will first cause uncertainty on passing the leadership. It will not be clear how and when Xi will leave the duty. Due to this, there might be changes on the top management which might effect the the country, maybe the country will be under the command of the same leader for long years. This will effect political leader’s change system which went on since Deng Xioaping. It is face to face with a risk which might effect the people and the party because a bad decision of a leader with no superior power to control system over him.

An other head line topic which 19th CCP National Congress needs to be careful about is the situation of the delegates who will retire due to the age limit. From Politburo Standing Committee except Xi Jinping and Li Keqiang from the seven people, the five people are expected to get retired due to the age limit. It is claimed that half of the Politburo and Central Committee have reached the age limit. It is also claimed that the emptied seats will be filled with delegates of the parties of Zhejiang and Fujian which Xi Jinping have worked with and by this Xi’s power will be more stabilized.

An other important topic which is asked in the 19th Party Congress, which 2287 delegates from all around China will join, is who will be the general secretary after Xi Jinping. Although it is believed that Xi will not be satisfied with two serves in congress, one of the names which will be risen by the Politburo Standing Committee might become the replacement of Xi. On this topic, one of the names which the professionals point the light on is Chen Miner. Between the years 2002-2007, when Xi Jinping under took the duty of being the Zhejiang state secretary, Chen Miner was the director of propaganda of the same state. During this period, Chen has showed an unregistered political support for Xi and earned Xi’s affection. Although Chen Miner is not a member of the Politburo, he might be risen two levels and brought to Politburo Standing Committee just like what happened to Xi Jinping and Li Keqiang. But although this might happen, it might still be wrong to sea Chen Miner as the certain replacement of Xi, because this kind of possibility would decrease Xi’s political authority on the upcoming five years. The experts claim general claim on this topic is that Xi will not show a replacement until the last minute.

There is less then a week for the CCP 19th National Congress. The decisions which will be taken in congress will show the road which China will take on the upcoming five years. As well as will provide hints about the waves of power balances. It is curtain that Xi will strengthen his authority by using congress. But there are many topics which will decide the fate of China and there are many topics which will be determined in Congress.

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