Who We Are

Posted on October 09, 2017, 5:16 pm
2 mins

China has undoubtedly made it self a country that is spoken widely about in the 21st century. It has always been an important force not only today but also in the past with it’s long history and unique culture. This geography that has been so important in history and yet today it is still a mystery to many of us. The notion of “Far East”, which is formed in the direction of geopolitical interests and lack of communication is not far way from us and yet we are so far apart . Especially in terms of Turkey. The most basic and simple information about Chinese civilization is limited and misunderstood by the public, and government wise there is no full awareness of this country which is a candidate for super power for the future. All these shortcomings have been the most important reason for establishing the Academia China institution for us; those who have been educated and still learning in china.

The most important conditions of mutual good relations at the level of the country or at the level of the peoples are well knowing the other’s history well and understanding one another. We believe that it is important to work in such a struggle against prejudice and discrimination, which are two of the most important problems of today’s world. We will present dialogue between States with such a contribution and hope not only to help the development of Turkish-Chinese relations, but also to make efforts to transform the world into a more peaceful place with this communicative environment that we have created, and to set an example for other people and institutions.

Academia China, founded by taking such an important mission, is very pleased to be with you all …